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Tuckered Out | Fun Activities for Kids in Denver, Colorado

As we move away from what feels like the longest winter ever, many families will be seeking a well-deserved retreat to celebrate more sunshine and shake off cabin fever. And while many people will opt for a mountain getaway in a rural setting, like Breckenridge, some will find their elements amid a bustling city like Denver. Although they always seem to have a stream of endless energy, the most apparent beneficiaries of a family vacation are children. Thankfully, our beloved capital has numerous fun activities for kids to enjoy as your family explores the “Mile High City.” As such, we at Effortless Stay thought it would be fitting to give you a rundown of things to do in Denver if you’re toting tikes.

Fun Activities for Kids | Things to Do in Denver

So many families choose Denver as their vacation spot because it presents an eclectic assortment of fun activities for kids. Add in its proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park and the seemingly limitless number of recreation areas, trails, and restaurants, and you have the makings for the perfect urban vacation. In the morning, you can be in the heart of downtown and find yourself standing on a mountain taking selfies with the kiddos by early evening. Denver truly is a special place, and we’re excited to share it with you.

5 Things to Do in Denver with Kids

Because there are so many fun activities for kids in Denver, wading through the options can feel overwhelming. To make things easier, we’ll provide a shortlist of things to do with a link and a brief description of each. Here are some of the unique experiences you and your family will enjoy.

  • Downtown Aquarium – Just because we’re far from the coasts doesn’t mean we can’t have one of the most impressive aquariums in the Rockies!
  • Confluence Park – Confluence Park is arguably Denver’s most recognizable public recreation space. It’s centralized location is ideal for busy families who need a place to unwind before shutting off to their next endeavor.
  • Children’s Museum of Denver – The Children’s Museum of Denver features over a dozen imagination “playscapes” to facilitate childhood discovery. CMD is the perfect place for youngsters under ten.
  • Downtown Denver Skatepark – Since 2003, Denver’s iconic skatepark has been widely considered one of the best in Colorado, if not the US. With something for every skill level, free admission, and an old school “snake run,” you might find yourself itching to drop in alongside the groms!
  • The Denver Zoo – For 125 years, the Denver Zoo has provided a glimpse into the wild for animal lovers of all ages. With over 3,000 species ranging from llamas to lizards, your kids will enjoy seeing their favorite animals up close and personal!

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