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How to Make Your Home Appealing to Business Travelers

Many of your guests will be traveling for pleasure, but you’ll get some who are in town for a meeting or convention. It’s important that your home accommodates business travelers with all of the amenities they’ll need during their stay. When you set up your home with special business features, along with having a solid review background, a speedy response rate, and several other specifications, Airbnb alerts potential guests who look at your listing that your property is “Business Travel Ready.” This title attached to your listing greatly increases your chances of getting a booking request. For a good place to start, take a look at our list of home additions geared toward business travelers.


  1. A workspace set up for laptops in an office nook or room

This is the single most important item for the business traveler in your home. Even if your guest is planning to explore your city a bit for pleasure, the main reason he or she is there is for business. A workspace in your home is essential, whether it’s an entire office or just a corner of the living room set up with a desk and chair. There should be an outlet nearby and enough space for a laptop and a few folders.


  1. Fast Wi-Fi

You should have Wi-Fi whether or not you want to cater to business travelers, as your guests will need to be able to look up where to eat on their phones or communicate with people back home. It’s especially important for business travelers to have high-speed internet so that they can do research, get in touch with colleagues, or figure out where their meeting is located.


  1. Toiletry essentials

Shampoo, toilet paper, clean towels, and a hair dryer are on the list of features Airbnb deems necessary for a listing to receive the “Business Travel Ready” label. Your business-oriented guests will be glad that your home matches the level of amenities they would find if they were getting ready in a hotel room. No need to spring for the most expensive salon shampoo and conditioner, but make a little effort to provide something nice.


  1. A printer/fax/scanner

This one is pretty self-explanatory—if your guests need to receive documents or send them elsewhere during their stay at your place, they’ll be glad to have the supplies to do it. Business travelers might need to print notes for a meeting, but it’s not a bad idea to have a printer available for all of your guests. People may want to print out concert or event tickets, or boarding passes for their flight out of your city.


  1. Hangers and an iron

Your guests will need to prepare for their meeting or conference, and you can help them accomplish this. Hangers and an iron are essential items for all types of guests, but even more so for guests traveling on business. It’s a good call to have plenty of hangers and closet space, as well as an ironing board (small is fine) to go along with the iron.


  1. If possible, a meeting area

It doesn’t hurt to designate a specific area of your home as a space for guests to brainstorm ideas alone or with others. This could be a home office or extra room—it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Throw in a couple desk chairs, a desk or table, and a dry-erase board on the wall and you’re good to go.


  1. A list of coffee shops for remote work

Sometimes inspiration doesn’t hit until we get outside and into the real world. If you know a guest is going to be staying at your home for business, it’s not a bad idea to leave behind a short list of coffee shops nearby. Whether they want to post up there for the day or just stop by for a quick latte before heading to their conference, they’ll appreciate the effort. Check out for a list of our favorite coffee shops in Denver.