Hosting Tips

Lend an E.A.R. – Best Practices Tips for Hosts

The best way to get ahead of a problem is to address it head-on.  At the Good Neighbor Summit, David Pardo introduced the “Lend an EAR” approach to having difficult conversations with our neighbors when using our homes as a short-term rental.

  • E – Engage your neighbors in person or by mail letting them know what you’re doing and build confidence that you will be a responsible host.
  • A – Address common concerns such as trash, noise and parking.  Explain to them you are aware of these potential problems and you’re already prepared so they do not become an issue down the road — ask them to let you know if any concerns arise down the road
  • R – Resolve Issues – Find Solutions is a free resource for Denver citizens if they are unable to resolve concerns on their own, in a safe and productive environment
If you’d like to learn more about this free resource visit: