New Light Rail Line Cuts Travel Time to DIA

Paying a ton of money to take a taxi to the airport in bumper-to-bumper traffic is now a thing of the past in Denver. With the addition of the new light rail A-Line that travels between Union Station and DIA, Denver joins the ranks of just a handful of American cities with direct train routes to the airport. On a larger scale, Denver is now on the same level as major international cities such as Paris and Amsterdam with direct lines between the city and the airport.

The new line allows tourists and residents to travel more efficiently, in terms of both time and cost. The A-line makes it much easier for people to catch a flight without worrying about sitting in traffic or paying exorbitant taxi or Uber fees. On the contrary, the A-line to the airport costs a mere $9. Simply pay the $9 and receive a day pass, which can then be used to transfer for free to the A-line at Union Station. The train takes only 37 minutes to travel all the way from Union Station to DIA, and runs every 15 minutes, all day.

We can’t promise to ease the frenzy once you arrive at one of the busiest international airports in the country—but at $9 and 37 minutes from Union Station on the light rail A-Line, at least your journey to DIA will be a breeze.