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Denver’s 3 Best Places to Have a Picnic in the Park

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a picnic as, “An excursion with food usually provided by members of the group and eaten in the open.” The collective minds at Wikipedia suggest that scenic surroundings with interesting views are among the most desirable traits for such an outdoor culinary endeavor. We find it hard to argue against Denver, Colorado, as an excellent place to enjoy a picnic in the park with those classifications in mind. As travelers continually reevaluate their dining options, more people decide to flop out a blanket under a tree rather than dine inside. 

Picnic in the Park: Discover Denver, Colorado

Effortless Stay proudly delivers one of the most extensive collections of Denver vacation rentals and luxuriate hotel lodging options within a short walk, bike ride, or cruise from several scenic and vibrant parks. Whether you’re planning on curating a selection of treats from one of the local co-ops or ordering takeout from Sputino, Work & Class, or Middleman, there is a good chance your “picnic parks near me” search will come up with some great options! To help with your efforts, the knowledgeable team at Effortless Stay has compiled a shortlist of great sites for a refreshing and scenic picnic in the park.

Cheesman Park | 8th Avenue & Williams St. Intersection

Located near the city center, Cheesman Park is a unique green space that generously lends itself to a picnic. Rife with mountain views and old-world architecture, there are several spots with ample shade where you can enjoy your feast in the midst of a hot summer day or an early autumn evening. Because of its centralized location, Cheesman Park is within proximity to several Mile High attractions and landmarks.

Washington Park | 701 Franklin St.

Residing among the upper echelons of the greatest public spaces in America, Washington Park is over 160 acres featuring an eclectic range of amenities such as historic buildings, spacious lawns, botanical gardens, and a recreation center. Still, the most significant factor to consider for Washington Park is the five distinct picnic areas found within. And with several integrated paths and trails, “Wash Park” is an excellent place for a ride and dine.

City Park | 1700 York Street

Arguably Denver’s most celebrated and illustrious public space, City Park, is approximately 330 acres and is the largest—and oldest—park in the Mile High City. Because of its sheer size, City Park can accommodate two prominent picnic locations; one near Thatcher Fountain Meadow and another by both the Denver Zoo and Museum of Nature & Science. With sweeping views of downtown and the Rocky Mountain Front Range, City Park greatly exemplifies its beloved city and makes an excellent picnic spot for friends and family.

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